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Cyber Security Support

Ransomware and Cyber Security

With cybercrime on the rise, we see networking and computer systems being compromised all the time. Are you low hanging fruit for cyber criminals? Can someone sit outside your home or office and access your computer from your wireless network? Are you using dictionary words or names as passwords for your computer and other accounts? Do you have access controls in place to control who can access your company data? Is sensitive data at risk if someone steals your laptop.

We can take care of your computer security, data backups, desktop computer and server maintenance, updates and technical support

Let us help you get your systems protected so you are not easy prey for criminals.

While we provide on-site services in our Florida and Colorado locations, many of our clients benefit from our innovative and convenient remote support. In fact, nearly all of our client’s computer troubles are solved in this way. Therefore, whether you need help restoring your lost data after your computer has experienced a hard drive crash, for instance, or want to improve the safety standards of your data, we’re here to help get you back on track.

Moreover, Firma IT Solutions offers designing and hosting services for your website. Our skilled web developers can help you create an attractive website for your business or offer valuable insight on improving your existing website. Are you looking for guidance with creating an app that can be used on iOS and Android devices? Our highly trained technicians are available to assist you with that, too.

If you need help obtaining a reliable wireless network, we can set you up with one that will perfectly suit your needs. Whether it’s for a full office of employees or for home use, our Colorado Springs computer repair technicians can design an efficient wireless network featuring voucher access, custom landing pages or wireless hotspot configuration. We can also make your business more proficient and productive through our exciting and innovative server virtualization and secure remote access services.

To find out more about how Firma IT Solutions can improve your business needs, visit our website or call us today 719-377-6603 (Colorado Springs), 305-619-8989 (key West). Our managed IT services can get your computer systems working more efficiently so you can put more of your energy into what you do best.