Ransomware Prevention
In Colorado Springs

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a technique used by hackers that allows an individual to download harmful or malicious malware onto your devices.

Some of the most popular methods of tricking people into  downloading malware is through the use of emails, pop up ads, or fake web links. Once an individual clicks on one of these, the malware is downloaded onto their computer it can infiltrate the entire IT System and bring business to a halt. 

With the malware in place and the business stopped, a ransom demand quickly follows, and the business must pay up, or be shut out from the IT system.   Not just a large enterprise issue, hackers often target the small to medium sized businesses  who often have less protection and have no alternative but to pay the ransom to run their business.

Complete Ransomware Protection for Your Business

 Don’t let your business become a victim to malicious ransomware attacks, instead, contact Firma IT Solutions & Services and start fighting back against cyber attacks on your business.  Firma IT knows the exploits that hackers use and can provide your business with training to recognize threats and protection to prevent attacks on your business and preseve continuity.

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Preventing Ransomware Attacks Before They Take Place

With over thousands of ransomware attacks and data breaches being carried out against businesses almost every day, it’s no surprise that the cybersecurity industry is set to grow over 18% in the next 10 years with businesses trying to fight back against these harmful ransomware practices.

The sad reality is that many business owners won’t realize they have been attacked until it’s too late and they have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your information or website back. Don’t fall into the online trap these ransomware hackers set for you, instead prevent attacks on your business by calling Firma IT Solutions. 

Firma IT Solutions was started by community leader and US Air Force Veteran, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Chief Information Security Officer, Certified Network Defense Architect, Rodney Gullatte, Jr.  Located in Colorado Springs, Firma IT serves the Colorado and the rocky mountain west with cybersecurity and IT solutions that help keep business safe and secure.

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Count on the ease that comes With remote Cyber Security support

Although it may seem like the odds of having a ransomware attack on your business are low, they actually have increased over time due to the digital era that we live in. Taking the right precautions can lower the risk of having a ransomware attack on your business’s information or website. Firma IT Solutions & Services provides live customer support to help our customers protect their businesses with real-time innovative solutions. These solutions can include services such as data restoration, server hosting, and even app creation for IOS and Android. Resolve your cyber problems by giving our remote ransomware support team in Colorado Springs a call today.