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Dawn Ramsden L

With the recent hacks happening, I felt an urgency to upgrade my networks in my massage therapy clinic to be secure. Rodney came out the same day to install everything and customer service has been so easy. I had some issues this week with devices connecting to one another and the initial trouble shooting was not working. Mei Li came out to my office within hours of me reaching out for help and she was able to get everything working better than before. She was also careful to shred network configuration sheets and clean up the work space when she left. I highly recommend FirmaIt to any of my medical colleagues who are filing insurance online and want to make sure you are protecting your patient’s sensitive information with a company who has accessible customer support.


Scott P

I’m truly amazed at the professionalism and service provided by Firma It Solutions and Services. We have a very complicated home. It is 8,000 sq. ft. with steel and concrete between the floors to accompany our in-floor heating system. Over the years, we have had multiple IT companies try, but fail, to fix the problems that we were having with our WiFi and the connections to our cameras. In just four short hours, Rodney installed a very economical commercial-grade WiFi system and connected our cameras to our network. He also installed a cyber-threat protection and monitoring system. Our system now works perfectly. My only regret is that I didn’t hire Firma It Solutions & Services years ago.


Courtney L

Rodney is a true master of his craft. He did a great job for us. If you are looking for a company that you can trust to set up your computer system – especially your computer security. Contact Firma IT.


Paola R

Amazing work on my daughters computers and getting them set up and ready for digital learning. Rodney had my laptops ready right in time in a short schedule. Thank you.


Joshua C

Professional and extremely knowledgeable around all things Cyber. Trustworthy and reliable!


Carmen V

Rodney is awesome! He keeps our computers running flawlessly. Call him!


David C

Rodney has done great job for us. He has completely upgraded our cyber security systems and is monitoring their effectiveness on an ongoing basis. I would highly recommend Rodney to all business owners without reservation.


Reanna W

Incredible, amazing! We can now lay our heads on our pillow and sleep soundly knowing that our businesses are protected to the fullest extent possible. Thank you Rodney and the FirmaIT team for a huge sense of peace.


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